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Become a Burner Mail Affiliate and earn 30% commissions while promoting a safe way to guard email addresses. Start today.

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Earn money on your own terms
High conversion rate
We are constantly iterating and perfecting the service, which assures that the traffic you send to Burner Mail will convert!
Customer Support
Affiliate support
We're here to help – any inquiry you might have will be addressed, from the initial setup, to best practices and guides to help along the way.
Unlimited referrals
Unlimited referrals = unlimited potential! Drive as much traffic as you can and get paid for every Premium sale you refer.
We're everywhere
Burner Mail is available worldwide. We converted traffic from 70+ countries so far. The world is your customer base!
EARNINGS CALCULATOR The sky's the limit

We've prepared a handy tool for you to estimate how much you could be earning with Burner Mail. Configure your ideal target goal, start sending traffic, and see the results!

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A secure relay for each and every email address out there

By referring Burner Mail, you're helping to combat spam, fraud, identity theft and many other scams. Our goal is to protect 1,000,000 personal email addresses by 2022. Be part of the change!

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CAMPAIGN DASHBOARD Real-time campaign statistics

Check your earnings and campaign statistics in real-time whenever you feel like. We use the solid & reliable FirstPromoterâ„¢ system to track earnings, ensuring that you get paid for each & every customer you refer!

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You're in good hands
Exclusive affiliate discounts
Get access to exclusive & unique discount codes (up to 50% off) that you can use for promoting Burner Mail.
60-day cookie life
We have an ultra long cookie life to ensure you earn even with sales that happen within 60 days of the first visit.
Burner Mail is a great tool that makes it super easy to leave a burner email wherever you don't feel comfortable leaving your real email address. UX is also top notch and overall easy to use. Highly recommend!
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 â€” Google Chrome Review · Jun 29, 2020 Google Chrome Review
Jun 29, 2020
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the affiliate program work?

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You promote & send traffic to Burner Mail through your website, newsletter, or any other link and you receive a commission for every new referred customer.

2. How do I join the Burner Mail Affiliate Program?

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All you have to do is sign up here, and wait for your application to be approved.

3. What do I need to sign up?

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You will need a valid email address and a valid payout method.

4. Why should I join the Burner Mail Affiliate Program?

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We have tens of thousands of satisfied Burner Mail customers and we’re growing fast. Here are a few benefits that our customers are enjoying:

  • 1-click burner addresses browser extensions (Chrome & Firefox; Opera and Safari coming soon)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked
  • iOS & Android apps
  • Priority customer support
  • Priority email delivery queue

5. What are your commission rates?

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We have a fixed 30% commission rate on every new sale you refer.

6. How does the Burner Mail Affiliate Program track clicks?

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We use the solid & reliable FirstPromoterâ„¢ system to track earnings, ensuring that you get paid for each & every customer you refer.

7. What marketing methods are not allowed?

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We do not allow the following:

  • Spam or unsolicited email promotions
  • Spamming on blogs, forums, social media, or any other commenting systems
  • Any other type of illegal or deceptive marketing
  • Use of materials that infringe on our intellectual property rights
  • Cookie-stuffing
  • Pop-under advertising

Burner Mail affiliates found violating or attempting to circumvent these rules will have their commissions voided and payments withheld. Additionally, they will be banned from further participation in the Burner Mail Affiliate Program.

9. How do I get paid?

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We pay on a monthly, NET-30, basis, through PayPal or ACH bank transfer. After your affiliate account is approved, don’t forget to add a payout method so that we know where to send your money.

10. What is the minimum payout?

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We have a minimum payout of 50 USD. If you have less than 50 USD on the 1st of the month, it will roll over to the next payment cycle.

11. What is your payment cycle?

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We aim to pay all affiliate commissions by 15th of every month for the previous month’s commissions.

12. Does Burner Mail pay recurring commissions to affiliates?

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No, we work on a CPA basis with all of our affiliates.

13. What happens if a commission comes from a fraudulent signup? Will I still get paid?

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No, in case a payment gets flagged as fraudulent, high-risk or is rejected by our payment processor, you will not receive commissions.

14. Someone signed up from me and didn’t use my link, can you help?

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In this case, if the customer forgot to use your link, we can still attribute the commission. Please contact us first so we can help and please ask your customer to send any details of the purchase.

Any other questions?

If your question isn't in the above list or on our affiliate terms of service page, please contact us by email at