Easy, Fast, Burner Email Addresses

One-click burner email addresses that you can use when signing up on websites to protect your identity and prevent your personal email address from being sold or spammed.

How Burnermail works

By using Burner addresses, you will never have to give out your personal email ever again. Instead, Burnermail generates a unique and anonymous email for every service you sign up with, making it really hard for companies and advertisers to track you online.

The burner addresses forward all emails to your personal inbox, collecting zero personal information.

Ebay icon
Sign Up Form
e.g. ebay.com
Burnermail icon
Burner Mail
e.g. ebay.73u4j@tryninja.io
GMail icon
Your inbox
e.g. dwightschrute@gmail.com

Trusted by 13000 users. We’ve helped keep over 500,000 emails secure.

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Easy & Convenient

After installing the Burner Emails extension, look for the Burner button on email fields and press it to instantly generate a burner address for that website.

Burnermail button example

Get rid of burners

Instantly disable or enable an address from the handy controls found in the extension popup or in the web application.

Burnermail popup screen

Three easy steps to get started

Add the extension to
Chrome or Firefox
Sign up for free
(no credit card required)
Use burner addresses
for website signups
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Simple pricing.

We have two plans: Free and Premium. That's it. We're trying to not overwhelm you with unnecessary details and hidden fees, those are the features and that's the price. Simple, right?

  • 1 Custom Burner
  • 30 Generated Burners
  • 1 Mailbox Address
  • 7 days Mailbox History
  • 30 Generated Burners Daily Quota
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  • Unlimited Custom Burners
  • Unlimited Generated Burners
  • Unlimited Mailbox addresses
  • Multiple Domains
  • Priority Delivery
  • Disable a burner straight from an email
  • Reply with the Burner address straight from your email client
  • Change burner recipient
  • Multiple burner recipients
$ 2.49 /month
Billed $29,99 USD annually
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