Frequently Asked Questions

What does Burner Mail provide as a service?

Burner Mail's main focus and aim is to provide a reliable, convenient and easy to use way of protecting your identity. With Burner Mail, you can:

  • stop giving out your email address online
  • read your emails in your personal inbox while using our service as an extra layer of protection
  • find out who tries to sell your email address
  • block a sender if it starts spamming you

What personal information does Burner Mail have access to, how is it protected and how is my privacy respected?

The data Burner Mail has access to and collects is your email address, name and password. Other information collected is what Google offers through their analytics (Location, IP, web browser, etc). We protect your data by encrypting it and storing it exclusively in secure hosting facilities provided by Amazon Web Services. We also use the TLS protocol to encrypt all emails, and SPF and DKIM for email security. As there is no 100% secure service, we recommend that you do not use our service and disclose in any email format for that matter, sensitive data such as bank accounts, credit cards, passwords, pins, phone numbers, etc. Burner Mail does not have any access to your inbox or email account and does not store the emails forwarded to you. The messages or emails that Burner Mail has access to are the ones sent to us at contact [at] We do not disclose or sell any of your data.

How does Burner Mail work?

Burner Mail helps you protect your privacy by providing you with custom email addresses (burner emails) that can be used to forward all incoming emails to your personal account. We use your email address as a forwarding point for the emails. The emails forwarded by our service are not stored. When you want to stop receiving emails from a sender you can disable that burner email and you will stop being forwarded those specific emails. In case you want to start receiving emails from a burner email again, you can enable that burner email and you will start being forwarded emails again. If a burner email gets compromised by being sold and you start getting spam or you want to unsubscribe from a service, you can delete the burner email. Once a burner email is deleted, there is no way of recovering it.

How does Burner Mail generate its email addresses?

The custom email addresses (burner emails) are generated by our service using specific domains in a format like To generate a unique random address we use the website you are using the burner email for next and we finish it with a random string. This technique helps you manage your burner emails and remember which is used for what. As an example, if you want to create a burner email for Techcrunch your burner email will have this format for example:

How does Burner Mail differentiate to other existing services?

While there are other services providing similar functionality, I believe that Burner Mail stands out for its consolidation of security protocols, easy to use interface and transparency. We offer a full set of very reliable automated systems with a main focus on user experience. We’re trying to keep things simple and honest and to deliver true value to the user.

How does Burner Mail combat spam?

We believe that it's better to prevent than cure. If you use our service, whenever a "burner email" gets corrupted and you start getting spam, you can easily delete that burner email and stop all the spam emails. You can't do that if you use your personal account everywhere. You can't stop the spam once it got to your personal account, you can only prevent getting it. By using our services you reclaim your inbox back.

Does Burner Mail work with any email provider?

Yes, it does!

Will my identity be disclosed if I reply to a forwarded email?

No. Burner Mail will preprocess the sent email and attach the burner address as the sender of the email.

Why does the service cost money to use?

Burner Mail cannot be a free service since it has running costs and people (us) working hard on it. We need to make a living from our software in order to keep the service running and continuously improving it while still protecting your data. We get it, we are all building software to make the world a better place but the bracing reality is simple – no service can last without monetization.  So if you want Burner Mail to survive, please support it and become a paid member.

What assurance do we have that your privacy policies will not be modified in the future?

No service can guarantee you that their privacy policy will never change since we live in a space that keeps evolving. However we can assure you that one thing that will not be modified is our transparency. Burner Mail's goal is to protect its users privacy. One thing that we will never do is sell your data.