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Keep your inbox protected with burner email addresses.
Hide your personal email address, control who can send you emails, and generate new burners with one click.

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How it works

Shield yourself with Burner Mail

By using burner email addresses, you will never have to give out your personal email ever again. Instead, Burner Mail generates a unique and anonymous email for every service you sign up with, making it really hard for companies and advertisers to track you online.

How it works How it works mobile
Sign up anywhere with burners πŸ”₯
Use an existing burner email address on any website or generate one on the spot with the Burner Mail extension.
Burner Mail shields youπŸ›‘
Whenever you don’t feel like receiving emails from a specific sender anymore, simply block that address and spam goes away.
Receive emails safely πŸ“¨
Burner Mail forwards your emails to your personal account while keeping your inbox and identity secure and private.
What you can do with Burner Mail

Tailored to protect your privacy

Feature burner button
Easy and convenient πŸ–
After installing the Burner Emails extension, look for the burner icon on email fields and press it to instantly generate a burner email address for that website.
Feature block
Manage your burners πŸ”Œ
Noticed a sender acting weird? Instantly disable a burner from the handy controls found in the web application or in the extension pop-up panel.
Feature recipients
Multiple recipients πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦
Add as many recipients as you want for a burner and never miss an email. Want to alert all your family members of an airline delay? Add them to the recipient list and they will all be alerted automatically.
Feature reply
Reply with a burner address πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ
Get complete anonymity over your conversations and reply to any email using a burner address. The emails go securely through our servers and the recipient never knows your personal email address.
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Testimonial chrome
Chrome User
6 Jul 2019
I love this service and the browser app. I use it constantly. I pay for the premium service and am very happy with it.

Testimonial firefox
Firefox User
14 Jan 2020
So useful and so helpful! Love it! If you have an email address, you need this.

Testimonial chrome
Chrome User
27 Feb 2020
[…]. Can auto-enter burner emails through Chrome that auto-forward and then turn them 'off' easily. Great product.

Testimonial twitter
16 Oct 2018
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